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Myth or Fact -Boston Terriers make great garbage disposals….Well, yes they do, but your vet will probably tell you not to use your dog as a disposal.

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Thanksgiving day  and holiday dinners are notorious times for experiencing over-loaded disposals, at the most inconvenient times.  Anyone who has had a clogged drain or broken disposal knows that cleaning up the kitchen after major family dinners or parties quickly becomes a nightmare.  Your sink is full of dirty, greasy water, forcing you to leave dishes and pots and pans sitting around until you can get a plumber to attend to your mess.

Here are some simple tips to ensure your disposal and kitchen are in great working order the day of one of your most important meals of the year.

  1.  Run large amounts of cold water while using your disposal.  Never shut off the disposal before turning off the water.
  2.  Never put grease down your disposal.


  1. Potato Peels! I know, I know, you are planning to cook 6 pounds of potatoes for your huge Thanksgiving dinner.  Do not put them down your disposal!  I can’t tell you how many friends and acquaintances have had the potato peel nightmare on Thanksgiving when they back up the sink and drain. You are stuck with a huge mess until your local plumber rescues you.   Peel them onto a newspaper on your table  or counter and throw them in your trash (or better yet, throw them into  a compost pile),
  2. Pasta and Rice. Pasta and rice swell when coming into contact with water, causing pieces to enlarge and become trapped in your drain.
  3. Meat and scraps. Meat, either raw or cooked, can become stringy and wrap around the disposal blades. Meat scraps tend to have a lot of fat and grease which can incapacitate your disposal.
  4. Rinds. Citrus rinds are thick and in general too bulky for disposals.  A very small amount of lemon peel can freshen your drain and sink.
  5. Glass.  Broken glass should never be put down the disposal. bones.
  6. Bones are too hard and can get stuck or ruin the disposal blades

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